Upper Valley Rideshare members can access your commute information and find carpools by going to New Hampshire Rideshare (https://www.nh.gov/dot/programs/rideshare/). Please use your current log-in and password for seamless commuter services. (SB, 6/7/2017)

We have thoroughly enjoyed helping all of you find and use carpools in your daily to commutes over our 25 years of service. Thank you for carpooling!  Susan Berry, Marketing & Program Manager  


Dartmouth College Rideshare: the Rideshare section of the Dartmouth College website ( http://www.dartmouth.edu/~fom/services/parking/incentives/carpool.html ) contains information for carpooling.  A direct link to Carpool World https://www.carpoolworld.com/join.html is suggested for students and employees to search for rides. (PO, 6/7/2017)

For Vermonters, please visit Go! Vermont, the statewide one-click/one-call program for efficient transportation options. They offer free carpool matching and vanpool services, and statewide bus routes, as well as free Go! Vermont resources to help you promote more efficient travel options at work or at home. Their Q/A hotline staff can answer your transportation questions. 800-685-7433. (RM, 6/7/2017)