Carpool to help reduce traffic on RT 120. EVERY commuter can help!

The numbers above show that many people are traveling to similar destinations, on similar routes. Soon students will be back in school, and life will settle into a fall pattern. Why not try a carpool to cut commute costs, save money, and enjoy the fall colors?  We will back you up with Emergency Ride Home - a reimbursement benefit.

It's Easy.

1) Click on the Find A Carpool button above

2) On the Registration page, Add your commute information. It will be secure.

3) Click SUBMIT on the bottom of the form.

4) You will receive an e-mail asking you to Confirm your account. Once you do this, you will have access to our online rideshare matching. 

The computer will generate a match list based on your home and work locations. You decide who to contact.  We keep your information private. Only the info you choose will appear on a match list. 

Commute smart - even just a few days a week - to see Benefits.

Upper Valley Rideshare is a service of Advance Transit. Membership is FREE. Our focus is the Upper Valley employment region (Lebanon-Hanover, NH).  Commuting smart includes Biking, Walking and Transit.