Join the hundreds of Upper Valley commuters who are already registered with our FREE, confidential ride matching service and commuter benefits. 

Register your commute information to find a carpool or like-minded bike or walking friends. The computer will generate a match list based on your home and work locations. You decide who to contact and how you want to be contacted by others (phone, e-mail, Face book, etc.).    We keep your information private and do not share it. Your home address will never appear on a carpool match list. 

Commute smart - even just a few days a week to see Benefits.

  • Save money immediately by sharing the ride. 
  • Find commuters who want to share the ride online, 24-7.
  • Register for the FREE Emergency Ride Home benefit (see qualifying information).
  • Watch for public events.  Download posters from the News page to post at work or in your home town.
  • Prize drawings for commuters who register their green commute.  

Ready to get started? 

Upper Valley Rideshare is a service of Advance Transit. Membership is FREE and open to all commuters and employers in the Upper Valley employment region (NH & VT).  Remember too, commuting smart includes Biking, Walking, and Transit.