There are many reasons to carpool, ride public transit, bike, walk or telecommute to work.  Advance Transit and Upper Valley Rideshare believe you will find that any of these choices will leave you feeling happier, healthier, and wealthier when you try them out.  Driving in traffic and bad weather causes stress. Gas, auto insurance and maintenance is expensive. Smart commuting is better.  And, all the Upper Valley Rideshare options are great for a cleaner, greener Upper Valley. 

Do your part by commuting smart, even if it is only one or two days a week. 

Overview of Services

Upper Valley Rideshare

Advance Transit, Inc.  

Advance Transit offers the following services to support a livable and economically vibrant Upper Valley community:

  • Free carpool matching through Upper Valley Rideshare, established in 1992. Benefits include 24/7 online carpool partner matching, Emergency Ride Home reimbursement benefit, and experienced in-house customer service. 
  • Fare-Free public transit from Advance Transit (AT), established in 1984. Fixed route services in Lebanon, Hanover, Enfield and Canaan, NH, and Hartford and Norwich, VT.  All route maps & schedules can be found online and through Google Transit. All buses are equipped with handicap lifts and bike transport carriers. Buses run weekdays year-round except holidays. Advance Transit connects with Stagecoach and CRT bus services.   
  • AT Travel Training, established in 2014, help people utilize the AT transit system with greater confidence.  We work with Individuals and large group training and/or presentations.
  • Access AT is our complimentary paratransit service for individuals who are not able to use the regular fare-free fixed route service. An application is required. 
  • All AT buses meet low-emission standards.  The AT facility is LEED Silver Certified meeting the requirements with a full roof of solar panels, and rain and snow capture that is used to wash buses, and oil recycling to heat the building.