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We will help you to rent a car

We are in rental business, and our goal is to attract customers that will rent our vehicles instead of approaching our competition. This, however, doesn’t mean that we will do everything to pull you away from other rental companies. We will use all legal means, and give you offers you can’t ignore. On the other hand, we won’t try to deceive you with divine promises, and they slap you in the face with hidden fees and similar stuff.

This article, like many others you can read on our site, will help you to learn more about renting cars and how to save some money while doing it.

Why are we doing this?

We are the best Bloomington, MN car dealer, and you should come to if you need to rent a car in Bloomington. Our prices are fair, and we own a vast fleet of vehicles that range from small city hatchbacks to limousines and sports cars. You can choose whichever is available, and we will come up with a deal you will like.

If you find yourself in some other town, then it might be smart to read this article before you rent anything. Rental companies only know some things you should watch for, and many of them try to keep their clients blind. We aren’t like that. We will share info to help you get the best possible service for the least amount of money. We will also share some info about which cars to rent as well as hidden fees that some companies use. Another subject we will address is the insurance and whether to take it or not.

The secrets of the car rental world

The USA is known as a country that loves big cars. The bigger is better is what the majority of people think, and rental companies tend to exploit that. The majority of vehicles you can rent are either medium or large. You, however, should go for small cars. Compacts are rare because they are both inexpensive to rent and to run. Go for one if you don’t have to attend some high-class meeting. In the case of a meeting, you should arrive in a medium vehicle that is a year or two old.

Many rental companies offer “hot deals” that will save you a lot of money. Look for these before you sign any rental documents. But first, check the regular price through the internet as some shady companies may try to sell you a “hot deal” that has many hidden fees.

Now, let’s discuss those hidden fees. One standard way a rental agency will get you to pay more is to give you a ride and ask you not to fill the tank while you drive it. They will fill it at the end, and the price per gallon will be several times more than it is typically.

The other standard way for them to introduce hidden fees is through elaborate insurance deals. In many cases, it is better to risk a crash and to pay for the repair than to crash under the insurance some of those companies provide.