Have an Emergency when you are at work? Use our Emergency reimbursement benefit.

Upper Valley Rideshare has offered an Emergency REIMBURSEMENT Benefit for carpoolers for more than 15 years.  Ten years ago, we began offering a similar benefit to transit riders, walkers and cyclists. The UVRS Emergency Ride Home reimbursement benefit keeps you from having to bear the entire cost of an emergency. Think of it as your safety net when an emergency arises during work. Registered commuters who use a carpool, bus, bicycle, or walk to work on the day of the emergency are eligible. To qualify you must register your commute prior to the emergency. Then if an emergency arises, just take a taxi, transit or rental car and submit your receipt for reimbursement under the standard guidelines below.

Eligibility?  You are eligible if you:

  • Work at an employer worksite located within the Advance Transit service area*
  • Commute to work by carpool, bus, bicycle, or walking on the day of the emergency
  • Are enrolled in ERH via the Upper Valley Rideshare website, prior to the emergency

Qualified emergencies:

  • Unexpected personal illness or emergency
  • Unexpected family illness or emergency
  • Your carpool driver has an illness, emergency, or unscheduled overtime
  • Potentially dangerous weather (bicyclists and walkers only)

Please note, the following do not qualify as emergencies:

  • Rides to work
  • Personal errands or pre-planned appointments during the workday
  • Scheduled or recurring overtime
  • Transit system failures

Allowable destinations:

  • Home
  • Park and Ride lot or where your car is parked
  • Child’s daycare or school
  • An interim stop is acceptable if it is part of the emergency (i.e. picking up child)

How to get to your destination:

  • Taxi, bus or train (best for near-by destinations)
  • Rental car (best for long-distance destinations)

ERH Trip Allowance

  • You may submit up to six (6) requests per 12 month period, but no more than two (2) in any month.
  • Maximum reimbursement of $50 per occurrence for carpoolers.
  • Maximum reimbursement of $30 per occurrence for transit riders, walkers and cyclists.

Steps to follow

  1. Arrange for emergency transportation (transit, taxi or rental car)
  2. Take the trip and pay with your credit card or cash
  3. Submit your receipt and paperwork (see form below) for reimbursement

Reimbursement details:

Submit your request for reimbursement within 10 business days of the emergency to: Advance Transit, Dept ERH, PO Box 1027, Wilder, VT  05088. Attach your emergency transportation Receipt to the ERH reimbursement form signed by your employer. Upon receipt and verification, you will receive a check in accordance with the above allowance, in approx. 10 business days. For additional information, please call 802-295-1824 x208. If we are not in, leave a message and we will call you at the phone number you leave.

* Dartmouth College has an Emergency Ride Home benefit for employees.  If you work for DC, please register with the Parking Office.