Commuting to work is one of the highest costs your employees have. And in many households, it is second only to their housing expense.  As an employer, you are in a key position to help your employees keep more of their paycheck, by offering modern commuting solutions or incentives. You can also help reduce traffic, thus helping the environment. 

Try the following:

1. Promote public transit, especially if your company is located on a transit route. Advance Transit's weekday service is fare-free. 

2. Visit our "UV Commuter Portal" page for links to all local transit systems. 

2. Encourage Carpooling.  It is a cost effective and smart way to get to work. Co-workers, neighbors, and employees from nearby companies can share the driving or ride. Upper Valley Rideshare - is the longest running and most successful carpool matching service in the region. 

3. Provide dedicated parking spaces for carpoolers to encourage participation.

3. Offer flex-time. This benefit encourages employees to ride transit or carpool by giving them a few extra minutes to account for unexpected commute delays due to traffic or parking a carpool. 

         A FREE reimbursement benefit.

         A FREE reimbursement benefit.

4. Promote the free Emergency Ride Home reimbursement benefit for employees who use a 'green' commute at least 2-days a week. 

Commuting by carpool or transit immediately saves 40% or more money.

Saving Fuel and Parking Costs helps your employees.

Reducing Traffic Congestion helps everyone.