It’s easy!

To find another commuter to start carpooling, first create a profile in our ridematching system. It will prompt you for your name, address, contact  and commute information.

You will then receive an e-mail asking you to set your Password. Once you respond to this, you will go back to our ridematching program and log-in using your E-mail and Password.

You will have access to all carpoolers, bike & walk buddies (when available) who also want to connect. The program only allows registered individuals to use the service. And you will only be able to contact individuals who have made their contact info public. No names or e-mails are revealed.

You can update information in your profile such as contact preferences, radio, smoking and other preferences any time. The system automatically generates an anonymous matchlist. Make sure to select the SAVE button at the bottom of the page to keep revised information in your profile.

From there, select the appropriate tab to view available rides or conduct specific carpool searches.

What are the different types of commuter connections offered?

  • Share the Driving commutes
  • Eide Only commutes
  • Drive Only commutes
  • Recurring trips
  • Occasional trips / rides

Where are they going?

UVRS's commuters are going to work, school, special events, sports events, airports, car dealerships and more. Our focus is on the the RT 120 Commuters,  but all Upper Valley commuters are welcome to log-in to see if matches are available for commutes going in all directions. You can search for carpool partners by the town you live in (origin), the destination, the route traveled, day of the week, and more ways.

How long will your posts stay active?

All posts expire after the end date you specify for your commute. You will receive a courtesy deactivation email from which you can easily reactivate if you choose.

What is my commitment when I sign-up with Upper Valley Rideshare?

There is no obligation to participate in the rideshare program. Signing-up simply allows you to easily post a commute or search for a commute connection. You may remove or change a ride post at any time by simply logging-in. 

Conducting a ride search does not obligate you to participate but gives you information so you can find the carpooling options you prefer.

What if I'm not sure about carpooling with a stranger?

All users are shown by the first name entered in the sign-up. In your profile, you may choose to be contacted by email or by phone. Contact your carpool match by email from the link provided in the search results box. We suggest meeting in a neutral and public location to discuss arrangements before carpooling. Feel free to bring a friend for support. If you're uncomfortable at any point in the process, then simply decline the offer.

Disclaimer statement: Using Upper Valley Rideshare's commuter matching software program (Trip Spark, Trapeze) is a voluntary act. If you are uncomfortable with any part of it, please discontinue. Advance Transit is not liable for results of choosing a carpool.

How is my personal information used when I register?

Upper Valley Rideshare is only accessible to registered members who have a User Name and Password. Your full name and/or home address will not appear on matchlists. Your phone number will not appear on another users matchlist unless you select the option to show it. You will, however, need to provide a work phone, cell phone number, or email address if you want potential matches to contact you. The information you provide is used exclusively for the purpose of assisting registrants to find better ways to commute and is not distributed or sold for any other purposes. All data transmission over the Internet is encrypted and secure. 

What if I need to leave work quickly due to an emergency and I don't have my vehicle at work? Or if I drove, how will my carpool buddies get home?

We encourage you to register your commute so that you can have access to our Emergency Ride Home benefit. This reimbursement benefit helps cover the cost of a ride home in an emergency (as described on our ERH page). When setting up a carpool, discuss emergency plans with everyone you are carpooling with.

Is there a charge for this service join a carpool?

There is no charge to use Upper Valley Rideshare.

Carpool partners usually share the driving to share the costs, or make a donation toward fuel if one person does all the driving. How much you offer when you join or form a carpool depends on the participants. Discuss shared driving or other arrangements when you talk to potential carpool partners.

Advance Transit is free. Transferring to other bus system will require a ticket. 

How much money will I save?

Savings depend on the trip frequency and destination. However, the AAA (American Automobile Association) lists their composite national average as $0.52 per mile, which includes maintenance, tires, insurance, license and registration, loan finance charges and depreciation costs. However, the study used an average fuel price of $2.41 per gallon. Considering gasoline prices are volatile, these numbers are likely to rise and fall depending on many factors. (2006)

What if I can’t find a match that works for me?

To increase matches, keep your trip details wide open. You can change your trip frequency or destination preferences. Check often and change details. You can also contact one of the many rideshare programs in our region. Click here.