"It's easy!"

 Wondering if you are committed if you look?

"No committments." "No obligations."

 Does it cost anything? 

"It's FREE!"

Join hundreds of commuters in the Upper Valley who are carpooling one, two or more days to work to save money, extend the life of their vehicle, and arrive at work more relaxed. Some people get a better parking spot too!

Our ride matching service, is confidential, includes free commuter benefits, convenient Facebook access, and a quarterly drawing for new members.  Rest assured. We do not share your information. 

Try it - even if for just 1 or 2 days a week.

Register your commute information here to find a carpool partners or like-minded bike or walking partners. The computer will generate a list of matches based on your commute information. You decide who to contact and how you want to be contacted by others (phone, e-mail, Face book, etc.) If you work are already carpooling, you can sign-up to find more people for your carpool.

Ready to get started? 

UVRS has lots of BENEFITS that can help you commute smart.

  • Save money! A surprising amount each month and year by sharing the ride. 
  • Use our confidential, online carpool matching service to find people with similar commutes who want to share the ride.
  • Use the online Trip Logger to track your sustainable commutes and see the savings pile up, while your carbon footprint shrinks!
  • Watch for public events.  Download materials that can be shared with your neighborhood, employer, or town about carpooling, transit, bicycling, walking and more.
  • Register for the FREE Emergency Ride Home benefit (see qualifying information).
  • Quarterly prize drawings for commuters who register their green commute.
  • Get connected to commuter events, contests and more!  


This service is brought to you by Advance Transit, Inc. and the RT 120 Partners.   For more information, please contact Upper Valley Rideshare at 802-295-1824 x208 or email sberryUVRS@gmail.com.