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The problem of pests can really become a huge issue if you do not find a solution to it in some recent time. While people are wining about termites that invade their houses, some people have problems with pests in their cars, which is even a bigger problem. People often get scared and do not know where to start to solve this problem, and one of the best places to start is since these guys can solve your problem on the very same day! Just give the ma call, and you are good to go! So, how do they solve the problem of pests in your car?

The crew inspects the spot

The crew comes at your house to perform an inspection of your garage or place where you park the car. The problem might lay in the very spot where you park your vehicle, as you do not know where colonies of these insects do live. In case they do find the place of infestation near your parking spot, you will have to change your place. If you park near the damp wood or bushes, it is very likely they come to your car as it is still warm and they find the perfect hideout for themselves.

A thorough inspection and cleaning of the car

PestsAfter they check the parking spot, the next thing is to perform an inspection of the car. Every single corner of the car is checked and washed so they could be sure that the insects will not gather again. Very often, the pests could be hiding under the mats so the thorough cleaning is performed as well. The mats can be dirty and the perfect spot for insects, so the guys will use the special sprays and chemicals to perform deep clean and get rid of them.


VaccumingAfter the chemicals are used and the interior is washed, the professional vacuums and moisturizers are used for performing the deep cleans so the remaining insects or pests could be cleaned. The crew uses high-tech vacuums from Atrix Omega Green Supreme vacuums to High Capacity HEPA IPM vacuums that clean every single particle of the pests. Dry cleaners, moisturizers and solutions for cleaning are made of toxic-free materials and chemicals that do not harm humans either these damage the interior of the car.

Setting up the traps

After the cleaning is done, the last precaution is setting up the traps. Bait traps, sticky or insecticide traps are placed around the critical places, if there is any need for it. The fumigation process and techniques are applied to kill any remaining pests that escaped the cleaning process, in combination with the traps that effectively kill the pests and insects. Although the majority of the population is exterminated during the previous processes, the last measure of setting the traps ensures that the colonies die easily in case they come again. The traps are placed discreetly so they do not ruin the overall look and appearance of your car.